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Customized Massage                              60min. / $65     90min. / $95

Enjoy a variety of different forms of massage all in one. Optimize your massage and maximize your session customized to what technique that suites you.

Sports Massage                                       60min. / $65     90min. / $95

                                     Drain away muscle fatigue, increase flexibility, prevent injuries,

                                                enhance peak performance, reduce localized swelling Pre/Post event.

                                   Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy         60min. / $65     90min. / $95

                                       Localized deep pressure used to relieve stubborn areas of discomfort.  


                                  Rehabilitative Massage Therapy             60min. / $65      90min. / $95 

                                      Works in conjunction with your physical therapist or Physician to enhance       

                                             rehabilitation and recovery.

  Swedish/Relaxing Massage   30min. / $30   60min. / $60   90min. /$85

Traditional full body massage that stimulates blood flow by increasing circulation while placing you in a relaxed state of mind. Light and fluid massage strokes.


Senior Massage                                         30min. / $25    60min. / $45

(Must be 65yrs +)

Improve your health and well being. Gentle stroking, kneading, and the application of light pressure on specific point.

                                     Couple's Massage                    60min./ $120    90min./     $160 90min

                                    Enjoy a relaxing massage next to a friend or partner.

                                    Perfect for special occasions or just relax side by side.

                                   Rejuvenate and add a Foot Scrubs W/ Aromatherapy                  $10

                                   Sea Salts and Sugar Scrubs on feet and lower legs.

                                   During any of the above services.

                                            -May add Lavender or Eucalyptus oils to salt scrubs

Note:: More Services Coming Soon*** (Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stone)


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